Discover. Fail. Reflect. Adapt.

30th of May 2017, Schouwburg Odeon Zwolle


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With this past edition of TEDxZwolle we challenged our speakers to bring into their talks those moments where they failed, but which, upon reflection, helped them adapt and get to where they are now.

TEDxZwolle provided a stage for ideas like new technological developments such as 3D printing, what we can learn from music when we talk about leadership, how to look in a more holistic way to healthcare and why we have biological tampons.

In addition to the TEDx talks, there were many other activities, from wine and beer tastings to test drives in a BMW i3. There were also workshops on various topics that challenge you to go from idea to action.


Jos van Leussen

Jos van Leussen Check out more about Jos’ project:   Jos van Leussen is the initiator of De Zwolse Stadslanderijen. His mission is to connect again our food with our own living environment. He is fascinated by the question if it is... read more

Jasper Hemmes Jasper Hemmes studies Aerospace Engineering. The knowledge he gained during his education at the TU Delft is very handy for his role within the team as aerodynamicist. By understanding how the airflow moves over the solar car, he can make the best... read more

Marion Fokkert

Marion Fokkert Marion Fokkert is an expert in laboratory related subjects of diabetology  and cardiology. She believes people need to keep moving to stay fit and to decrease chances of diabetes and cardiovascular deceases. Even at her desk, she doesn’t have a chair,... read more

Fenna Eefting

Fenna Eefting Fenna is intrigued by people, what they are moved by and the role emotions (fear and love) play in their lives. Her extensive experiences in the regional health care sector and her genuine interest in people will make her TEDx Talk on “Dare to make... read more

Jules van Hessen

Jules van Hessen is a versatile, creative Dutch conductor with an extremely varied repertoire who knows how to handle a symphony orchestra and is able to communicate with his audience. Through his inspiring concerts and lectures he…

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Jasper Bouwmeester

Jasper Bouwmeester Connect with Jasper here: linkedin Check out more: Fiberneering website F3RPD website    Jasper works actively to replace existing processes in product development for heavy industry, construction and transport. Low mass, resistant to... read more

Lisa van Kampen

Lisa van Kampen Connect with Lisa here: facebook twitter sound cloud spotify  Lisa van Kampen (22) opened Spotify in March to see how many people were listening to her music. All of the sudden she had 38.000 monthly listeners and 47.000 plays on her new song True... read more

Mariah Mansvelt Beck

Mariah studied International Development Studies in Cambridge, worked for Doctors without Borders and was a yoga teacher in Amsterdam, all untill she started Yoni. After the diagnose of pre cervical cancer, Mariah was advised…

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Kevin Cruiming – surprise speaker

Kevin Cruiming Kevin Cruiming was our last speaker of the event and he was a surprise. We didn’t reveal his name or his talk and for a good reason… watch his talk until the end to understand... read more


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